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There was once a girl named Heather

Who judged her self-worth by what she saw in the mirror

She cried & cried

All day, all night

But doubted herself all the more

She stopped eating, she gave in

She gave up everything for beauty

What she had was that entirely

After years of searching for someone

To accept her - she was done

She cried out to her creator

He reached out to His daughter

He pulled out a picture and gave it to her gently

She reached to grab it hesitantly

Her eyes traced the beautiful girl in the photo

Tears streamed from her eyes - she cried no no no

I’m tired of looking at what I’ll never be

It’s time I take myself seriously

But what her Father did was shocking

And once He started, he couldn’t stop laughing

Heather’s forehead creased with confusion

As she awaited His explanation & reason

You see the girl in the picture was no model or star

She was just an ordinary girl named Heather

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